Now you can suggest topics to

In leanleanblog I always blogged around my main theme, lean manufacturing. We discussed about the concepts of lean with its application and benefits. We also discussed related topics like six sigma, lean sigma and TQM on this blog. While I will continue to provide you with these kinds of information, I thought it is important to write on exactly what you want. To do so, I need to know what you want to know from me and my blog.
I found an interesting gadget which will do exactly this for me. You can suggest new topics to write about or you can priorities the topics by voting. You can find this gadget towards the bottom of the middle column of this blog. You can find some screenshots of this below.
To suggest a new topic
  1. Click on the link “Click Here to suggest topics you want to learn” and then you can either login to your account (If you have one) or you can sign up for a new account or you can suggest your topic “Anonymously” . I prefer to get your thoughts with your name. So you can create a login preferably, but this is not compulsory.
  2. Type in the topic you want learn about.
  3. Press “Submit” Button. You are done.

To Vote for a topic

  1. Simply click on the VOTE Button next to the listed topic
  2. When you vote for one of the topics the button will be highlighted in yellow. This suggest that you have already voted for this topic

I must thank the creators of this gadget (or the Widget). With this I will be able to synchronize the blog better with your requirements.