Lean communication- Lean manufacturing concepts in information handling

Sometime back I wrote an article called “Lean communication” to introduce some lean manufacturing concepts to the process of communication. I think this is a topic which needs further clarification and explanation.

One of the most important processes in any organization is its communication process. Communication process is very important because every other activity depends on this. For an example production should know the information from designing team to perform their work.

In most of the organizations problems occur not because they do not have proper equipment or the human resources, but because of the problems in the information process. Information flow has all the wastes we discuss in lean manufacturing. It has overloading, delays and unprocessed information and so on (please read my article for further information). Therefore information handling process should get special attention in your lean manufacturing effort.

It is very important to understand that all the concepts of lean manufacturing can be applied in the context of information handling. I will discuss my ideas about this in coming posts. You are always welcome to add your comments and ideas on this idea.