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Hi to all our LearnLeanBlog.Com readers. After a long time of inactivitiy and changes to the blog, we are looking to provide you more resources on lean manufacturing and related topics. But we want to be more relevant and resourceful.

Let us know the areas you would like us to touch in our future blogs. Please leave your comment below.


30 thoughts on “We would like to hear from you”

  1. I know your email requested lean manufacturing, but I am also interested in Lean office.

    Along with creation of future state VSM for mfg and office to create pull systems.



  2. I would like to see more direction on the development of KPM’s or KPI’s for LEAN Teams within our manufacturing plant. As I go around and review Team boards, I see a lot of measurement of KPM’s that are not in the control of the Team. Items such as “Orders Pulled per day”, “Laminate Sheets put in Inventory”, “# of Blanks Run”, “# of Orders Entered per Shift”, etc. Obviously, these teams cannot do more or less of these tasks, that is not in their control. They need to concentrate on the productive rate of work, the things they can control. “Rate per Hour” for putting away inventory, entering orders, running ordered product, etc. The rate and the accuracy are in their control, and are more sensible KPM’s to keep.

  3. The place were I work is going lean.Im a team leader of a zone.But most of the members just don’t do anything.It’s not a team.I’m looking for a new job.

  4. I would like to hear more about how to overcome cost challenges in a lean marketing environment particularly what steps would be key in cost reduction

  5. It is good to hear lean manufacturing teams, As a ERP Consultant, I would like to join with you. I have submitted my PhD thesis on Lean, Agile and Leagile manufacturing strategies. I wants to improve some more lean strategies to mfg. industries. Please send the information.

  6. The new paradigm and awesome concepts for manufacturing world which many more efficiency and eliminate wastes. This method is suitable for increasing productivity for improvement the work methods.

  7. Hello

    we are garments manufacturer , in every sewing line we have 40 machine and we do produce 100 SMV garments by this line , which means every operative are producing more than 2 .5 SMV garments and as we are planning to lean so we are trying flow and also single pcs flow but we are failed at the time of work station design . so please help

    Best regards

  8. back to my existing work environment i think that lean philosophy can help me in design and maintain a city gas distribution network.

  9. Currently I am working with more of basic tools, like 5s, TPM etc. I want to know more about advanced tools and implementation methods for same. Also I believe that region wise changed needed in lean methodology.

  10. I’m Ishak Salleh. In 2015 I had an experiences conducted 8 Lean Projects Management. Four projects were from manufacturing industry and the rest from service industry.
    Very interesting and enjoyed. Thank you
    Yes I felt very interesting while involved in various Lean Project Management as mentioned. Because I need to be prepared myself wisely
    Just to shared, it was a bit tough while to calculate quantitative impacts from these project especially

  11. I would like to study and work in the areas of “lean in projectmanagement” . Now a days lot of new things are happening and it is very important to launch the new things with lesser time and right quality. I would like to gain the knowledge in this area.

  12. I would like to know how lean concepts can be applied in the downstream petroleum sector.Especially at the storage and loading depots.

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