Cost of automation – a lean thought

You might know by now, I am not for cutting-edge technology. I believe technology is only a tool. We have to use it when it is required, in correct dose just as we would take medicine. If we take too much, it will not good for our health.

Today organizations drive their automation initiatives hard, expecting benefits like cost savings, improved quality and reliability. I have to admit, sometimes, automation is the only solution. But is it the case always?

One important observation I have made when I work with people is that, they are completely blind to the cost of automation. Some people introduce systems so complex, maintaining the system itself will cost them more. Sometimes these systems can hinder their quality and reliability too. All these are obviously, things automation wanted to remove from their systems.

One of the main automation systems is the documentation system. People use complex ERPs, computer systems and so on, only to increase their IT costs without realizing. From the cost point of view they might end up paying much more, although there can be improvements in data consistency and reliability.

As in anything to use any automation system optimally, we have to balance pros and cons. Automation for the sake of automating will just heart the organization.

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