A must read to any lean consultant or for anyone

I do read a little. I love reading non lean manufacturing related stuff too. And amazingly enough, I find most of the ideas in every book I read so far, can be closely related to lean and its application.
Recommended by my boss, I bought the book titled How To Win Friends and Influence People”, by Dale Carnegie few years back. 500+ 5-star ratings on Amazon greatly helped making my decision. First I was surprised to see it was first published in 1937. Yes, no mistake, in 1937 and it has been in print ever since and sold over 15 million copies. I had my share of doubts on how this old book can help me, in this age of internet and mobiles. But nevertheless I thought giving it a shot.

 I started reading it one night, and fell in love with the book immediately. It was like reading a story, in fact this book is full with stories, and amazingly it all felt very current and up to date. Dale Carnegie, the author of the book has shown tremendous skills in communicating his ideas, after all this is one of the main skills he is trying to teach us via his masterpiece. And I read it completely, cover to cover.

This book helped my consulting carrier a lot. Simple techniques and so called (not so) common sense techniques helped me to manage change, communicate more effectively, and as title says to win friends and influence people.  As a lean thinker you will know it is the change management and the people handling aspect is the most vital part in implementing your ideas. This is where most of the people fail. This book will teach you some very solid, simple and practical stuff, you can use everywhere.

For me, this is a must read book, and a must have book for anyone. I am going to run through those pages again. If you have already read the book, read it again. If you have not read it yet, read it now. You can buy it for few bucks via Amazon.Com. It is worth every penny you spend at least, if not much more.