Mr. Miyagi’s Lean Journeys

From today onwards, I am going to publish a new series of lean manufacturing stories called “Mr.Miyagi’s Lean Journeys”.  Lean is not a very difficult thing to understand, yet most people do not get it. I thought, probably, one better ways to communicate the message would be through a story. So I selected Mr. Miyagi to take you through his lean journey. Who is Mr. Miyagi anyway?
Mr. Miyagi is getting old, about 60 years in age. But he is very active and energetic. But he possesses a much more important characteristic, which makes him ideally suitable for the main role of our story. Mr. Miyagi, is a lean thinker.
After working for Toyota, for over 10 years, he couldn’t help his thoughts, they are always lean. He does personal level consulting to the business owners on how to go lean. But importantly, he see things with lean eyes, so he sees opportunities everywhere, when he goes on the road, in the restaurant while he waits till his order is completed and even when he goes to see his doctor for a checkup.
Mr. Miyagi enjoys his life every day, as he sees thousands of opportunities to help himself and help others. But occasionally, he comes across trouble with the people who are not in sync with his radical ideas. But with experience Mr. Miyagi knows that all these are part of the game. When resistance is offered, he becomes even happier, as he knows, he must help them.
Mr. Miyagi, is ready to help you? Are you ready to accept his ideas??
Please leave your comments. Do you like the idea?