Lean football

FIFA fever is catching the world fast. On the outside lean manufacturing and football world cup (Soccer world cup) has no link what so ever. But with my lean cap on, I had a look at the game. I found it funny. Below are some observations. Football fans, I by no means want to offend you. Just go through the list.
Huge amount of waiting time: Only one person controls the boll at once. All the other players and the referees are just waiting.
Tens of thousands of people watch the match on the ground, and millions are watching it on TV. They do nothing. Only watching. Huge amount of wasted time.
Huge amount of Transportation: The main objective of football(At least according to my little knowledge on the subject) is to hit the goal. Not to pass the ball here and there. But most of the time team never even thinks about going to the goal. They just keep on passing the ball from one place to another. Huge amount of transportation without adding value to the final outcome.
Defects: Finally when they are near the goal, only very few percentages of balls actually hit to the goal. This in my opinion is a defect. When this happens, you will have to start the game all over again. Everything done up to this point is of little value.
Tons of Ergonomic problems: Especially the noise those trumpets create is very irritating. I do not know how the players in the ground tolerate it. It is even very hard when you watch the match on TV. Definitely not nice.
Lots of underutilized human talents: There are large numbers of players in the bench. I saw best footballers of all time in the stands just watching the match. Maradona is not playing the game. Aren’t these guys wasting talent?
I can go on adding to this list. But for the time being let’s stop here.
But the game has use of some lean tools also (Surprise). It is worth mentioning.
There is a use of visual indicators (Only to indicate the bad things though) in the forms of Yellow and Red cards. So everyone knows what happens when these indicators are pulled out. Everyone has to come to the referee and start arguing with him J

In the field, everything has its place. They are well marked and maintained. Just like a 5S space. Very good to see when I have my lean cap on.
Just leave your though as a comment. Sometimes it is very hard to be a lean thinker.
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What is the main problem you face when it comes to implementing lean?

Lean manufacturing is proven to produce results, results everyone would love to see. Reduced costs, lower lead times and flexibility all at once. Isn’t this the dream of every manufacturer?
But I know as a fact lot of my readers face problems with their lean endeavors. I know this because I get tons of emails from my readers asking various questions. Sometimes, I am not in a position to answer all these questions individually due to time constraints, although I would love to do that. So I thought of answering you the question right here. Please send me your questions. Please let me know what is the main problem you face with your lean implementation? I will try answering them on this blog.
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