Lean Manufacturing Tools Series

It is true to say base of lean manufacturing is its concepts. But lean tools are very important too. They help in implementing, monitoring, and evaluating lean efforts and its results. On the other hand if used without proper understanding this can spoil your lean efforts. So it is very important to understand the tools before thinking about using them.
So I thought of publishing a series of posts on these tools. I got the assistance of an experience contributor in making this series.
Some of the tools we are going to discuss in this series of posts are listed below. I have no doubts you have been waiting for this kind of information.

1. 5S
2. Error proofing (Pokayoke)
3. JIT
4. Kaizen
5. Kanban
6. Pull system
7. Work leveling – Heijunka
8. Work cells
9. Quick Changeover or SMED
10. TAKT Time
11. TOC – Theory of Constraints
12. VSM – Value Stream Mapping
13. Workflow Diagram
14. TPM – Total Productive Maintenance
15. Visual workplace
16. Cause and Effect Diagram
17. 5 Why technique
18. Six Sigma
19. Hoshin Kanri
20. Jidoka
21. Genji Gembutsu
22. Andon

Bookmark this page and visit frequently for updates. If you have any tools want to add to this series please let me know by dropping an email to azabadurdeen@yahoo.com

Always remember, lean should start from its concepts. Tools are only to help you.

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