Lean concepts in communication – Erroneous information

I have been writing about the possibility of applying principles and concepts of lean manufacturing in the field of communication. In fact it is very necessary to streamline the process of communication in lean efforts.

Information is the key in today’s competitive world. It can lead to disasters if not handled correct. Therefore it is very important to make sure that information we send and receive is correct and also the interpretation is correct. As we discussed in our earlier posts on this subject, information can go wrong due to problems in the system itself. Overloading, data accumulation, longer channel lengths are among them. Wrong or erroneous information is the equivalent of defects in lean explanation of waste.

Wrong information, delays and misinterpretation of information can lead to disasters. With the increased freedom and lower costs of communication methods it is very easy to communicate. But for me the effectiveness of communication has gone down in today’s world. Over communicating, that is endless emails and phone calls and chats are wasting our valuable time. This also leads to problems in communication.

This again shows us the importance of a prime lean concept. We should start from identifying the requirements and using tools to achieve those goals. No tool will solve your problem unless you have understood the concepts and requirements correct.

With this we end the series of posts on lean communication. Visit our archives to find earlier posts on the same subject. It is time to map your communication channels and find out the effectiveness of communication in your organization. Find out your wastes and eliminate them continuously. You will be happy after sometime when you have to answer very little amount of phone calls and reply only few important emails. Won’t it be a good reward for your efforts?

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