Lean concepts in communication – Data Accumulation

We have been discussing the possibility of using lean concepts to achieve smooth communication process. Communication is one of the very important processes of any organization. Therefore it is very important for any organization to streamline and manage their communication process whether they go through a lean manufacturing transformation or not.

Today our focus is on lean concept of WIP in the field of communication. WIP is the mirror of waste in lean manufacturing context. Higher the work in progress in any organization, more the problems they have in their process. This is true for the communication process as well. Organizations can have many pieces of data which are not being used or waiting for processing. This can be treated as the WIP in communication process. Problem with data accumulation is that it can lead to problems and loss of data. This also complex the processes.

Why data is being accumulated in any organization. This is because these data has been received before they are actually required or because they are not possible to convert into proper system inputs due to the problems and delays in them. This is identical to the over production and waiting in the manufacturing context.

Today communicating is very simple task. It will take only seconds to communicate even between continents. This has also contributed to the problem of overloading with information and receiving and sending information before they are required. In either case this will lead to problems. It is very important to understand the communication processes well and use the tools available wisely according to the requirements. This is why just in time processing of information is becoming increasingly important today.

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