Lean concepts in communication 2 – Waiting

Lean manufacturing has its strength in its concepts. As I have been talking throughout my blog lean concepts can be applied to communication. So we will look at the second waste that can occur in the process of communication. This is waiting for information

In manufacturing context waiting refers to the idle workplaces which are waiting to do their jobs. But in the context of communication this is not just wasting of time and resources of one process. Waiting for information can cause chain effect in the process and can stop your full process. Every small bit of information is very important to the process. It is not enough to be 90%. You should have correct and complete information to carryout your work.

Every piece information must be there to be processed when they are required. Having them in very early stage will mean only little since they are not being processed. This can cause problems since this piece of data might not be up to date. On the other hand waiting for information can virtually stop the functionality of the organization. So Just In Time is very important here. Lean manufacturing concepts should be applied organization wide in order to create the perfect lean organization.

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