Lean concepts in communication 1 – Overloading of information

In a previous post I talked about using lean manufacturing concepts in communication and information handling. Today we will look at the lean concept of over production in the context of communication.

The term overproduction can be defined as the overloading of information in the context of information. Unnecessary information when they are not required creates overloading of information. Unnecessary information creates confusion. This is one of the main courses to problems in processes.

Only the required information must come into the system when they are required. This information should be well formatted so that it will be easy to capture and analyze. Every information processing point must be well defined so that everyone in the communication process will know exactly what information to collect and what to give out. No information should be passed to the next process until that process requires it. Also it is very important to give them the required information in a standard format so that they will be able to use it easily.

Lean communication is a very essential aspect of any lean manufacturing organization.

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