It’s Mayday

I really believe workers are the heart of any enterprise. I love working people. Laborers, factory workers, people working in various plantations and in agriculture, doctors lawyers, engineers and owners and many more. Confused about the last few professions I added. No I haven’t done any mistake. This is the way I define working people.

Many of us are used to see workers as only the people who work hard physically. We are not used to think about the people who use their brains daily. They may not sweat as others do; still they are performing a valuable task. I think this is the time to re define the word laborers. For me even the chairman of a company is a laborer.

Think for a moment…………….

Have you mapped a process – I faced an interesting problem

I love process mapping. In lean manufacturing it is very important to identify your process than anything else. This process enables us to clearly understand the processes that add value to the system and the processes do not add value. This is the basis of any lean manufacturing implementation. The aim will be removing all the non value added activities from the system. Then improving all the value added activities. So no need to tell you how valuable it is to map the process.

But I faced an interesting problem recently. I had to do a process map for a project and I was studying the process very hard. But I found it very difficult to map the process because one unbelievable reason. Many weren’t able to tell me for sure about the process they are working on. Isn’t it interesting?

People always like the way it is. They do not enjoy the change. If not motivated, they will not pay any attention to the process they are working on. So the good all process will continuo to run without any problem. So everyone will be happy.

Let them know the process they are working on. This will improve your organization’s efficiency and solve many problems.

Have you heard “delighting the customer” theory?

Every organization has its customers. Obviously how they are being treated will determine the future of the organization. But how well you should treat your customer? One of the concepts some organizations works on is the “delighting the customer” method. As a customer I am really happy to hear about this theory. When you are buying a product if that product makes you to say “wow” then the manufacturers have achieved his goal.

Simple example given above makes me to think about what makes people to delight when they buy a product or a service. Very simple answer could be the value in the form of quality, extra features and savings etc, delivered with the product or the service for a lesser price than one would expect. This answer again makes me to think. When you buy the product next time what will happen. Are you delighted still?

No, if am the customer I will not be delighted, but still I will prefer buying that product because they have set good standards in the market. With the time this extra value becomes a standard many of your competitors will follow the same root and they will be offering the same thing you are offering. So you will loose the edge in competition. Here comes the problem.

Now you are producing high value product with extra features, but selling to the same price you sold your basic product. You do not have any extra edge in competition since your competitors are offering the same thing. You can’t go back to your basic product and sell it to the same price since then no one will buy your product. So how would you get the extra edge in the market? You will have to delight your customer with extra value and go through the loop mentioned above over and over again. Is it viable in long run?

Unless you eliminate waste continuously from your system, this is not possible. The eliminated wastes will save the cost of production which will go in to the market as your competitive edge.
Still I am not a big fan of this delighting business. Delighting is possible only once. Then it becomes the standard. Falling in to this loop might be dangerous. Remember people can not be satisfied easily. Even if we do higher level need comes and we will have to satisfy them. If I am the manufacturer, I will stick to the basics. I will meet customer’s requirement. I will not probably look to delight my customers.

Has lean manufacturing developed all these systems alone?

It is well known that lean manufacturing was influenced by many concepts developed in the same time period as lean manufacturing. Therefore we can see lean manufacturing has many close relationships with many other popular concepts. We have discussed in detail about the relationship lean manufacturing has with Henry Fords line assembly system. But this is not the only system which has close relationship with lean manufacturing.

One concept which lean manufacturing has a very close relationship with is the TQM or the Total Quality management. Sometimes it is very hard to differentiate between these two systems on there surface. But this is not to say they are the same concept. Total Quality Management has a much more quality focused approach in improving the system while lean manufacturing is more towards improving the total system by taking all the aspects into consideration. Another concept lean manufacturing has a close connection with is Six Sigma concept. Six Sigma concept is very much similar to the TQM concept. But there are some colorful features added to the system.

I have written a series of TQM and some other articles describing these relationships on my main websites. To read more about you can visit lean manufacturing tools and technique section of my web

New Lean manufacturing site just launched.

I launched a new website yesterday. URL is I am sure this website will satisfy your need of having all lean manufacturing products only a click away. You will find lean manufacturing presentations, toolkits and other related products. We will be in the process of adding new product to the site now. So you will find new products are added to the site overnight.

I can consider adding your products to my site. if you have lean manufacturing products or lean manufacturing information sites send your link to my email address I will do a through research and then if I find your site is appropriate, I will add your site on my relevant page.